Virtual Global Chamber of Commerce Announced

Global Business Networking for Virtual-First Businesses

Boulder CO –  Virtual Global Chamber of Commerce was formed to provide global commerce and ecommerce business networking. Reflecting on the need for virtual-first business networking CEO Daniel P. said, “We are not going back to a beehive of people in very expensive office spaces to spend time in endless meetings with boring and disinterested people where the only thing accomplished is scheduling the next meeting. Our competitors will destroy our business if we don’t beat them virtually-first.” VGCOC brings together organizations with thought leadership, training, virtual events with custom business networking. As one founding member noted, “The world is essentially flat virtually and connections are faster than ever. VGCOC was formed to bring people and businesses together virtually developing enhanced means for virtual networking from video streaming, audio podcasting, multimedia, augmented reality, AI and other advanced technologies.”

Another insight from Founding Member, “Historically, Chambers of Commerce have been formed to promote businesses supporting businesses in their town, city, county, state, but the reality is that an increasing number of businesses, including mine, are not bound to serve other people and businesses in just one geographical region, so getting involved with a group that is more infinite in its mindset from the beginning is appealing.”  Steve Peckman – Founder – Eclipse Learning Partners 

“The virtual business model is here to stay incorporating digital transformation, sales force and processing automation with enhance ecommerce, AI and other emerging technology.  Virtual Global Chamber is a critical platform in developing and delivering this new business model with faster revenues, lower costs, increased ROI and dramatically lower TCO. Virtual Global Chamber brings new technologies to guide members in this new exciting journey.” David Converse – Vice President of Sales –

“As much as businesses will go back to live, many business will see what online virtual ecommerce will be.  Virtual Global Chamber will be a focal point for the way business networking will grow and business colleagues and connections can explore the new global world together.” Thomas B. Cross CEO

Founding Premium Gold members include: Eclipse Learning Partners education learning management provider, an ecommerce platform, ChannelPartner.TV technology partner network and a multiple award winning live streaming network.

Premium Membership Benefits include:

  • Global multiple award-winning private label video streaming network on your own domain name a $4,000+ annual benefit
  • Weekly banner advertising in newsletter going to 2,000, custom Linkedin posts (aka share or custom) and other benefits.
  • Weekly promotion of your product/solution to 15.3K+ Linkedin Group Members
  • Discounts on banner advertising on (coming June 1)
  • Quarterly article (500 words) value $300 for company website and published on Linkedin with discounts on additional articles for annual memberships
  • Discounts on Virtual Events and Virtual Sales Professional Courses
  • Click here for one-minute for video on global video streaming network

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