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Video News Networks Syndication and Promotion

VideotizeIT videos are just part of the effort. Post your own videos and we can distribute and promote your videos across multiple global video networks including VirtualGlobalTV, ChannelPartner.TV, VideoNewsNetworks, and others. Also there are no “ads before watching” so you don’t find as we have seen competitors ads in front of your YouTube videos. We can also promote your video to 25K members on Linkedin profile and Linkedin groups.

Why Videotize

Action Gets Traction with VideotizeIT ! Accessorize your video for TikTok and other social media platforms your traditional text press releases, articles, products, partner videos and more, VideotizeIT them with short form videos smartphone 16:9 or either in desktop 9:16 with company branding and customizing. Send your PR-press release and let us show you what we can do one for free. Below are 150+ press videos you can view for free on our global video networks listed below.

Get cost effective, fast 1-2 minute videos and have a great impact on your marketing efforts.  Get started today at

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Examples of VideotizeIT Video Press Releases in desktop and mobile (great for TikTok):

Here are two more examples of both formats:

Vonage Cloud Migration Guide – Desktop version — Mobile version

6 Vital Concepts on Short Form Videos via Hubspot — Desktop version — Mobile version

Scroll down for 150+ more videos.

Views and Reviews

Viewer reviews have been very positive though not without criticism. Yes, the audio is AI which speeds production, reduces costs (have you tried to hire a voice over, even if you get one from fiverr you still have to integrate it). The system allows for even faster updates to change script (again without additional costs) and accompanying slides, call to discuss 303-594-1694. Also, if you want to DIY please go to to build you own videos and work on your own promotion. Or, we can collaborate on building and then promote them together along having your own private branded Video News Network such as those mentioned just below. Again, if you don’t like ours, then build your own and we will promote it for you.

Private YourTube Platform

Want to go farther, get your own live streaming, ondemand, newsfeed, virtual events, customer service video DoorBell(tm), video meetings, GetTogether video with no downloads or logins required and smartphone independent platform.

Partner Program

In support of marketing, PR, advertising, social media and other marketing teams, we offer program that as you will see can provide immediate and long term MRR-monthly recurring revenue for exciting and innovative video streaming, video meetings, virtual events, social media, text messaging and more platform. Get started today at as I can also promote your company to 25K on Linkedin.

Here are just some of the New Business Video News with more than 150+ videos. We can email you an individual link anytime or down below are 80 with links to view them. Not included below are videos we did for politicians we will let them do their own promotion, however we have done videos on coffee, CBD, fitness wear and other consumer products.

A Few Final Thoughts

Let’s get serious for a minute – survey after survey we find people hate and I do mean really hate “talk heads” videos where two dudes or a few of them talk about some nonsense that is only relevant to them. People don’t have 15 or 30 or 60 minutes for this. People also dislike videos and PR on management promotions, awards, M&A, deals, distribution partnerships and other things that again are only relevant to those involved, not channel partners, much less customers.

People want to watch/read and less so hear podcasts to learn about hard product solutions to help them manage their companies easier, lower costs and especially for IT let them get a good nights’ sleep. Our goal is to product actionable videos that tell a solution in the shortest time possible with the maximum of explanation and understanding. We thank you for the opportunity to help.

  • 3-2-1 Data Backup Storage in the Cloud via Wasabi
  • 5 Living Principals of Doing Yoga Recommended by Incrediwear
  • 5 Steps to Building Sustainable Business Security Program via
  • About ChannelPartner.TV
  • ABPtech IPTECHVIEW – IT Systems Management 
  • Accelerate Customer Growth and Success with UCXtech
  • Acronis Public Sector Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs
  • Accurate Configuration Security with Nipper Enterprise from Tatania 
  • Allbound – Partner Relationship Management
  • Appgate – Zero Trust Reality
  • Adtran IoT Gateways
  • AI User Forum
  • Atera Plus Adding AI-Powered Solutions for MSPs and IT Professionals
  • Atomo Coffee Innovation and Sustainability
  • Axcient Enhances Cloud Backup with AutoVerify
  • B2B Social Media Trends
  • Beat Back Denial of Service Attacks with Bigleaf
  • Benefits of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud from Steadfast
  • Broadvoice and Jenne Team Up !
  • Building Successful Outcomes-as-a-Service from CloudBlue
  • Building with Blockchain via Global Smart Commodity Group
  • ChannelTechTalk About
  • Citrix – Hybrid Working Means More Than Anything to Everyone
  • Cloudera “Walks the Walks and Talks” about AI
  • Cloudflyer – Move Data Massively Between Clouds
  • Confluera Stop Cyber Attacks in the Cloud
  • Colohouse Four Cool Cloud Concepts
  • Coronet Cybersecurity
  • Cowbell Cyber Get Cyber Insurance Smart Today
  • Cradlepoint – Mobile, Branch, Wireless and IoT Opportunities for MSPs
  • Cradlepoint Launches “Cellular Intelligence” Portfolio
  • Cybersecurity from Cybereason
  • Cuber.AI Bringing Intelligent Actions to Business Challenges
  • Customer Support
  • Data-Axle – 6 Steps to a Successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Data Theorem Accelerates Application Security
  • Deep Instinct Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Digital Twins – New Digital Dimensions for Physical Dimensions by
  • Disc Perfect
  • EggStrategy Guiding CPG, Health and Lifestyle
  • Eliassen – Business Agility Driving Excellence
  • Elev8 Accelerates Customer Network Management Discovery and More
  • Empathy in the age of Customer Experience via Gridspace
  • Endpoint Detection and Response Solution from HighWire Networks
  • Enzoic Innovative Password Reuse Protection
  • Explore BrokerTec Trading Platform from CME Group
  • Financial Guidance
  • Fitness
  • – AI-Driven Virtual Agents Speed Customer Communications
  • Customers in Motion with Cloud Contact Centers
  • Flexxible IT Adds FlexxDesktop DAAS Solution
  • FractionL Expertise Bring ExceptionaL Performance
  • Top 6 Things Employees Look for Before Joining Company via Floatme
  • 7 Key Benefits in SD-WAN Security via Fortinet
  • Founder Advisors Startup “Advisory Team as a Service” (ATaaS) 
  • Get Cyber Smart from
  • Highlights to Aryaka SD-WAN and Global Fabric Solutions
  • Hotels-Hospitality and Business Events
  • Hubspot – 6 Vital Concepts on Short Form Videos
  • Identity and Access Management Platform overview from OpenText
  • Impact of Log4
  • Building New Databases with SaaS as a Service
  • Pax8 and WatchGuard Partner UP for Security
  • Personalized Security Training
  • Improving Business Performance with SD-WAN from Spectrum
  • Introduction to Zero Trust Security by
  • Invigorating Healthy Habits from ATAQ
  • Kablamo Brings Digital Transformation to Digital Media Company
  • KAZOO from 2600Hz Open Communications Suite
  • Key Advantages of AireSpring SD-WAN Solutions
  • Landing.AI – Machine Learning
  • LeadershipSmarts – The Art of Alignment
  • LinkPD – Agile Product Development Accelerates Living
  • Live Music and Theatre Performances
  • Logitech Gets on the Right Side of Hybrid Meetings
  • Logitech Hello Room Service, Send Up the Right Room !
  • Look Ma No Wires Charging Without Wires from WiTricity
  • Lumen – Cloud Repatriation to the Cloud and Back Again
  • Machine-Learning Trained by Patients-on-a-Chip via Quris.AI
  • Make Educated Technology Decisions with TECREF
  • MSP Pricing for Profitability by
  • Microsoft IoT
  • Mitel – 5 Ways to Fix Team Collaboration
  • Decrypting Cryptocurrency – What is a Stablecoin?
  • Multi-Factor Authentication MFA Solutions from Double Octopus
  • Multi-Layer Authentication Plus Multi-Layer Protection via Wasabi
  • Museums
  • Nextiva – Intelligent Contact Center Solutions
  • PhoneSuite Hospitality PBX
  • Private Branded Buyers Guide Solutions for ICT Providers and Partners
  • Resolve.IO RPA – Robotic Process Automation
  • Retrospect Backup Anomaly Exception Detection
  • RingCentral API
  • RMM-Remote Monitoring & Management, PSA-Professional Services Automation from Atera
  • QuantumMetric Building Products Customers Really Want
  • Salt Security Cyber Attacks Attacking API Profiles
  • Serve Robotic Reaches Level 4 – Levels 1-5 Vehicle Autonomy Levels Explained
  • SD-WAN technology’s future with MEF certifications via Spirent
  • Smart Grid Discussion
  • Sophos Email Encryption Integration
  • Sweating for Successful Performance from SkratchLabs
  • Spacewell Office Hoteling and Desk Booking Software
  • Spectrotel has achieved 5G for Enterprise Branch Specialization with Cradlepoint
  • Spirent – Timing is Critical to Comedy, Financial Trading and More
  • AI in Power Generation from SparkCognition
  • TCG – A Total Communications Group Effort
  • Telarus – Be on the Top Tech Distribution Team
  • 3 Business and 5 Technical Benefits to Cloud via Telarus
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring for Restaurant Food Services via Telarus
  • Tempest Freerunning Runs the World with UCX Tech
  • The Best “Must Have” Uses for Cloud are BaaS, DRaaS, or BCaaS in 1-Minute inspired by TBI
  • TBI 4 Reasons Why Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is Beneficial for Business
  • Top 8 B2B Social Media Insights For 2022 by Evan Kirstel
  • The Path from RAN to O-RAN via VMware
  • Robotic Process Automaton by UiPath
  • Validated Designs for Digital Manufacturing from Dell Technologies
  • Solutions for Customers Who Can’t Find What They are Looking For via Verin
  • Vet Pet Care Network
  • Videos 10 Types for Making the Most of Video by
  • Virtual “Power Presenter” Program
  • Virtual Chamber of Commerce
  • Virtual Cooking, Cooking Classes, Events
  • Virtual Dining and Parties
  • Virtual Events
  • Virtual Political Campaigns
  • Virtual Sales Certification
  • Virtual Sales Presentations
  • Virtual Shopping
  • Virtual Spiritual Centers and Faith
  • Virtual Visitor and Tourism
  • Virtual-First Business Model
  • Customer Experience Do’s ! – We did the Don’ts Now the Do’s via Vonage
  • Customer Experience Don’ts – insights from Vonage and others
  • Vonage Engagement Report – Video the New Phone Call
  • Vonage Cloud Migration Checklist & Guide
  • Vonage 8 Benefits of Cloud Solutions
  • Vonage Video Calling Contact Center Solutions 
  • Vonage Video News on Customer Case Study – Key Travel
  • Vonage The New Customer Contact Experience – Part 1
  • Wasabi Cloud Storage Ransomware
  • Why Compliancy Group is Different
  • Why Social Streaming TV
  • Zayo Denies Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
  • Zultys Unified Communications
  • Zultys Contact Center

And, if you prefer not to wait here are 80+ examples with links for your viewing pleasure

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